For more than three decades India’s renowned remedial astrologer, gem therapist and vastu specialist Pt. (Dr.) R K Sharma has not only been enriching the field of Vastu, but endlessly spearheading the cause for the upliftment of humanity. Having inherited the culture and knowledge of the Vedas and the Upavedas that tend to address a problem from all directions and thus affecting all the facets of an individual living, Panditji has gradually developed a system of his own threading the age old eternal tenets of vastu, astrology, mantra, yoga, kriya yoga, etc. Apart from the spiritual energy and its channelisation towards meeting and converting a problematic situation to the most amenable one, Panditji has amalgamated a plethora of tools and techniques – usually prescribed in the Vedic tradition.

His sphere of work is not confined to any one particular subject or aspect of living. Panditji addresses the problems of health care, well-being and those related to career, psychology and personal relationships through a very fundamental approach. The three important aspects he gives due attention to are: the personal and physical facets, inner well being and self-consciousness, and enlightment or imparting knowledge. His efforts have been to bring bliss into people’s lives.

Our thoughts bring awareness, which direct our karmas. This is kriyaman karma which makes sanchit karma that creates prarabdha, which in turn shapes our kundalini or jeevan energy. This is shown in our horoscope and which reflects our personality. Personality is the symbol of life energy. The whole universe is a ballgame of masculine and feminine or positive and negative energies which may be called Shiv and Shakti or Yin and Yang. Panditji maintains that since every part of the universe is related to all frequencies, therefore every Vedic science from astrology to ratna chikista to vastu are all interlinked. So the process of healing begins with one’s horoscope. Subsequently, a correct set of gemstones are recommended besides vastu remedies to balance both an individual aura as well as to bring harmony with his/her surroundings.

His path-breaking conclusions on astrology and gemstone therapy and his insistence on the original tenets of yoga and vastu over the adulterated ones is the outcome of his 25 years long career devoted to the philosophy of bringing desired results. It is his relentless effort to bring bliss into people's lives that has sometimes compelled him to make certain sacrifices at the financial front.

Panditji’s aim is to provide mankind with total happiness – a balanced growth of the individual both inwards and outwards. He has prescribed seven parameters for attaining total happiness. They are:

Health: Our body is not merely a mixed blend of flesh and bones, Panditji has termed it as a “electro-chemico-bio” system.

Resources: All things in this world are transient. Wealth is no exception. But Panditji emphasizes that wealth should come from the right course – causing least karmic offence, if at all any, only then can it be termed as Shubh Laabh. Resources mean that wealth which is connected to research, growth, dharma, charity, etc. Lack of such resources means that a person cannot walk through all the four ashrams of life - brahamcharya, grihastha, vanprastha and sanyas.
Relationship: Matter cannot exist without “bonds”. Man as an emotional, social and cultural being cannot exist without relationships. Loyalty and mutual trust are vital keys for any everlasting relationship. In this age narrow mindedness and advent of technology has pushed relationship to the backdrop. Panditji advocates a relationship in which there is no place for vested interests.

Environment: The foundation of a better environment is laid by one’s good intentions, right behaviour, contribution and thoughts for the betterment of all in the light of justice. Social recognition can be earned through sound character, integrity and sacrifice.

Commitment: If one is aware and conscious of his duties, responsibilities and commitment, then all his actions would be transparent thus paving the way to tread on the path of truth. Consequently one is bound to taste the success in every sphere of life.

Excellence: Panditji says, we all are unique within ourselves. And this uniqueness is what makes us special. This speciality when achieved gives meaning to one’s existence. One may be jack of all trades, but to attain that excellence he/she must be well versed and a master in one particular field. Excellence can be attained either by completing the cycles of life and death or by following these parameters.

Harmony: Panditji believes that if your communication with the environment, society, family, government and others is of high quality then you will be in harmony with nature, automatically. In other words, you would be leading your life according to nature. Once you achieve this target (harmony), you can enjoy your place of glory both in the little tradition (masses) and the great tradition (the governance, elite, aristocrats).

It is easy to be liked by either of two classes, but it takes a balanced and calculated growth which can be engineered through chakra cleansing and balancing over a sustained period of time, according to one’s prarabdha. To achieve your personal goal depends upon your level of energy. Your achievements reflect your level of energy. It is imperative to bring your energy to a certain level in order to get the desired result. To bring energy to that level Panditji, with the help of gem therapy and vastu remedies, has been guiding people so that they can live a healthy and happy life.

Panditji’s scholarly work in ancient Indian sciences has materialized into two action forums - one for spreading awareness and dissemination of information and the other for research and development of technological solutions, named Eternal Solutions Magazine and Jeevan Urja Utthan Kendra, respectively.

Panditji has also graced many important positions, viz:

  • Working President, Akhil Bharatiya Sanatan Dharma Pratinidhi Sammelan
  • Board Member, Akhil Bharatiya Sanskrit Sahitya Sammelan
  • Board Member, Intellectual Forum
  • Board Member, Dr. Goswami Giridhari Lal Prachya Vidyapeeth
  • Founder President, Jeevan Urja Utthan Samiti
  • Editor-in-Chief, Eternal Solutions
  • Writer, Science of Balance
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